Parkinson’s: The Funny Side

Paul Mayhew-Archer is a British writer (The Vicar of Dibley), producer, script editor and actor. He recently wrote a documentary called “Parkinson’s: The funny side”, which made us laugh. We thought you’d enjoy it too. It is available on iPlayer (search for Parkinson’s: The Funny Side), and can be viewed here along with other short films about Parkinson’s. ‘The Funny Side’ starts at 46 m 45 s.

In the documentary, Mayhew-Archer takes us to the University of Oxford’s Department of Anatomy and Physiology, where research is being undertaken to develop a phone app that can diagnose Parkinson’s using voice recordings.

He also tells us about exciting new research, funded by Parkinson’s UK, that’s identifying new targets for treatment. You can hear more about this research from the principle investigator, Professor Richard Wade Martins.

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