The North West RIG Launch meeting!

Meeting link:

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May 14th 2021

1:30 Meeting opens

1:40 Introductory greetings from Nicola (chair)

2:00 Seminar style talk from Professor Monty Silverdale

Title: Diagnosing the Scent of Parkinson’s with Mass Spectrometry and Joy

Talk summary.

The chance of developing a cure for Parkinson’s disease will be massively improved if we are able to diagnose the condition at an earlier stage. Joy Milne, a ‘super-smeller’ from Edinburgh, noticed an unusual musky smell on her husband Les, 12 years before he developed Parkinson’s disease. This chance finding has enabled us to develop a test for Parkinson’s disease using a simple skin swab. Our test may be able to diagnose the condition more than 10 years before it is currently possible. This will speed up the development of a cure.

Professor Silverdale will tell the amazing story of Joy and how her nose may lead to a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

2:30 Informal Q&A

3pm Meeting close

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