North West RIG Celebration of Research Involvement

We’re very excited to announce that we have set a date for a new North West Research Interest Group event. It will be on January 21st from 12:15 – 3pm. As before, we will cover your travel, even if you need to come by taxi.

The focus of the event is to get together and have fun (there will be food and drinks, and most importantly, more dancing with Lewis!).

We also want to celebrate Research Involvement. Think of this event as a toast your role in changing how we do research, and an invitation to contribute more (or for the first time) in 2023.  

Some of the activities will include:

  • Remember those movement rehabilitation games we played at our last event? We’ll hear about how your feedback helped us make them even better. If you didn’t make it last time, this is your invitation to come and take part.
  • Patsy Cotton will tell us about the Get It On Time campaign and how you can contribute to new research on Parkinson’s medication in hospital
  • Parkinson’s UK and Ellen Poliakoff (University of Manchester) will tell us more about “involvement” in research. After hearing from them, you can decide if you’d like to be involved in some of our future projects – we need your help to make sure we’re asking the right questions in the right way.

Whether you came to the last event or not, and whether you have been involved in research before or not, we really hope to see you there.

To help us cater for the right number of people, please book here:

Dr Chesney Craig will be running the show this year. Please feel free to email her with questions or to arrange your travel:


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