Study now recruiting at Lancaster University

Are you a carer for someone with Parkinson’s?

I am conducting a research study as part of a thesis project for the
Lancaster University Clinical Psychology Doctorate programme. The
project is looking at factors influencing the wellbeing of carers of
people with Parkinson’s. The study will explore the roles that self-compassion
and social support play in the relationship between carer
stressors and carer wellbeing.

If you are aged 18 or older, are currently caring for someone with
Parkinson’s and have been doing so for at least a year, I would be
very grateful if you would consider taking part in this study. Care or
support may include physical or emotional support, help with day-today
tasks, such as shopping or managing medication, or financial
support. Taking part will involve answering a series of questions
using an online questionnaire. All responses will be anonymous, and
none of the answers you provide will make you personally

You can access the questionnaire using this link:

If you would prefer to complete the questionnaire by hand, you can request a paper copy by emailing

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