Exercise for Parkinson’s

We all know that keeping active is important for staying well. For people with Parkinson’s, the stakes may be even higher. Research in animals strongly suggests that exercise could slow the progress of Parkinson’s. In human’s, we know that active lifestyles seem to be associated with better outcomes and quality of life. Here are someContinue reading “Exercise for Parkinson’s”

England brings it home, again!

Our Parkinson’s England Walking Football team have triumphed in the Walking Football Games 2023 at Tao Payoh Stadium in Singapore, defeating all non-Parkinson’s teams from across the globe. The North West can be particularly proud of their achievement with a strong showing of Northwesterly players and coaches. We spoke with the team’s goalie, Laurie SephtonContinue reading “England brings it home, again!”

Study now recruiting at Lancaster University

Are you a carer for someone with Parkinson’s? I am conducting a research study as part of a thesis project for theLancaster University Clinical Psychology Doctorate programme. Theproject is looking at factors influencing the wellbeing of carers ofpeople with Parkinson’s. The study will explore the roles that self-compassionand social support play in the relationship betweenContinue reading “Study now recruiting at Lancaster University”

World Parkinson’s Congress

Registration and abstract submission is now open for the 6th World Parkinson Congress, which will take place in Barcelona on 4th-7th July 2023.    As a Science Ambassador for the World Parkinson Congress (WPC), I want to encourage researchers and people with Parkinson’s to attend this important conference, which offers a truly unique opportunity for scientists, clinicians, healthContinue reading “World Parkinson’s Congress”

The time is NOW for time-critical Parkinson’s medication

‘Off’ is a word with a particular meaning for people with Parkinson’s who take medication to control their symptoms. ‘Off’ happens in-between scheduled medication dosages. It is not just an unwelcome return of motor symptoms; it can also be painful and frightening, as described here by a person with experience. That being ‘off’ is aContinue reading “The time is NOW for time-critical Parkinson’s medication”

North West RIG Celebration of Research Involvement

We’re very excited to announce that we have set a date for a new North West Research Interest Group event. It will be on January 21st from 12:15 – 3pm. As before, we will cover your travel, even if you need to come by taxi. The focus of the event is to get together andContinue reading “North West RIG Celebration of Research Involvement”