World Parkinson’s Congress

Registration and abstract submission is now open for the 6th World Parkinson Congress, which will take place in Barcelona on 4th-7th July 2023.    As a Science Ambassador for the World Parkinson Congress (WPC), I want to encourage researchers and people with Parkinson’s to attend this important conference, which offers a truly unique opportunity for scientists, clinicians, healthContinue reading “World Parkinson’s Congress”

The time is NOW for time-critical Parkinson’s medication

‘Off’ is a word with a particular meaning for people with Parkinson’s who take medication to control their symptoms. ‘Off’ happens in-between scheduled medication dosages. It is not just an unwelcome return of motor symptoms; it can also be painful and frightening, as described here by a person with experience. That being ‘off’ is aContinue reading “The time is NOW for time-critical Parkinson’s medication”

North West RIG Celebration of Research Involvement

We’re very excited to announce that we have set a date for a new North West Research Interest Group event. It will be on January 21st from 12:15 – 3pm. As before, we will cover your travel, even if you need to come by taxi. The focus of the event is to get together andContinue reading “North West RIG Celebration of Research Involvement”

Art-Science event for people with Parkinson’s

Art-Science Sessions: “Experience in Action”  The Body Eyes and Movement lab (University of Manchester) are collaborating with artist Antony Hall to explore movement and sensory experiences in older autistic adults and people with Parkinson’s. Older adults with Parkinson’s or autism (>40 years of age) are invited to an artistic experience to help shape future research.Continue reading “Art-Science event for people with Parkinson’s”

Your experience – Our inspiration

The research group of PD Avengers needs your help to develop Sparks of Experience.  Parkinson’s research needs a breakthrough idea and it may just be your idea that we are looking for.  No-one knows the condition better than those living with it day in day out.  It is complex and very variable, both between patientsContinue reading “Your experience – Our inspiration”

The Parkinson’s UK NWRIG is LAUNCHED!

We’re now offically a Parkinson’s UK RIG. Our launch event was a huge success thanks to your engagement and involvement. Special thanks also go to Prof Monty Silverdale for telling us about his work on the ‘smell test’. If you missed the event, or would like to watch again, just click the “Click here toContinue reading “The Parkinson’s UK NWRIG is LAUNCHED!”

Calling participants with Parkinson’s for a survey: How do people with Parkinson’s use music?

Dr Ellen Poliakoff (Body Eyes and Movement BEAM Lab, University of Manchester) is collaborating with researchers at the Royal Northern College of Music, Lucerne (Switzerland) and University of Exeter to explore how people with Parkinson’s use music to manage their movements and mood and movements. The survey should take approximately 30-45 minutes (or you can requestContinue reading “Calling participants with Parkinson’s for a survey: How do people with Parkinson’s use music?”

Let’s talk about… going to conferences as a researcher.

The researcher’s perspective – Jude The World Parkinson Congress (WPC) is an international conference, held every 3 years, that provides a unique forum for researchers, clinicians and patients from across the world to meet and share knowledge about the latest developments in Parkinson’s research and treatment. The WPC’s goal is “to advance an all-encompassing approachContinue reading “Let’s talk about… going to conferences as a researcher.”

Let’s talk about… going to conferences as a person with Parkinson’s

Colin’s experience of the World Parkinson’s Congress What do the following cities have in common: Washington, Glasgow, Montreal, Portland and Kyoto?  Answer: they have all hosted meetings of the World Parkinson Congress. The Congress meets every three years, attracting delegates from all over the world. It brings together the very best researchers, clinicians, healthcare professionalsContinue reading “Let’s talk about… going to conferences as a person with Parkinson’s”