Parkinson’s: The Funny Side

Paul Mayhew-Archer is a British writer (The Vicar of Dibley), producer, script editor and actor. He recently wrote a documentary called “Parkinson’s: The funny side”, which made us laugh. We thought you’d enjoy it too. It is available on iPlayer (search for Parkinson’s: The Funny Side), and can be viewed here along with other shortContinue reading “Parkinson’s: The Funny Side”

The perils of being bipedal

Humans long ago made the evolutionary leap from walking on four legs to walking on two. As far as not-falling-over is concerned, this adaptation was a strange one. There’s a reason chairs tend to have, at the least, four legs. Very few other mammals have gone the two-legged route: kangaroos spring to mind (sorry), butContinue reading “The perils of being bipedal”