Art-Science event for people with Parkinson’s

Art-Science Sessions: “Experience in Action”  The Body Eyes and Movement lab (University of Manchester) are collaborating with artist Antony Hall to explore movement and sensory experiences in older autistic adults and people with Parkinson’s. Older adults with Parkinson’s or autism (>40 years of age) are invited to an artistic experience to help shape future research.Continue reading “Art-Science event for people with Parkinson’s”

The first NWRIG open meeting

Dear NWRIG members, It was wonderful to see so many of you at our first open meeting via Zoom. This is just a quick update re: discussions and how we’ve followed-up. After a few introductions, we discussed whether the group needed a social media presence. There was a mixed response (some prefer Facebook, some Twitter,Continue reading “The first NWRIG open meeting”