Movie clip answers, and bonus questions (to be read out by quiz host)

Note to quiz hosts: here you’ll be giving the answers to the movie clips (1 point per correct answer) and then asking some bonus questions (also 1 point per correct answer).

Clip 1: Rocky

Clip 2: The Breakfast Club

Clip 3: The Holy Grail

Clip 4: The Blair Witch Project

Clip 5: Forrest Gump

Clip 6: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Clip 7: Platoon

Clip 8: Sound of Music

Clip 9: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Clip 10: Edward Scissorhands

Clip 11: Citizen Cane

Bonus questions:

Bonus Question 1: What are the 72 steps that lead to the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art now known as?

Bonus Question 2: The Breakfast Club was filmed entirely in one school. The same school featured in which other John Hughes film? (albeit with far fewer scenes in the school)?

Bonus question 3: Complete the sentence: “We are the knights who say ____”

Bonus question 4: The Blair Witch Project was in the Guinness Book of Records for what reason?

Bonus question 5: Forrest Gump won Tom Hanks’ his second Best Actor Oscar. His first was for a film released in the previous year (1993). What was that movie?

Bonus question 6: Who are the only two characters to appear in all nine Star Wars episodes?

Bonus question 7: Who directed Platoon

Bonus question 8: Fill in the blank: “”The hills are alive with the sound of music, with songs they have sung, for a __ years.”

a) hundred
b) thousand
c) million

Bonus question 9: What is Indiana’s real first name?

Bonus question 10: What did Edward receive from his inventor for Christmas, but was unable to use due to his inventor’s untimely death?

Bonus question 11: In Citizen Kane, Orson Wells’ last word is “Rosebud”. What is Rosebud?

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